Excell Broadband
  • A permanent and reliable connection
  • Access to large amounts of data in record time
  • Maximize the use of INTERNET for your business

    We offer optimal access to Internet and a range of related services.

  • Service Plans

    In view of customer requirements, Excell has designed the best plans to serve every user's need.

    Because you always needed information fast and stable, we have created the most flexible internet service plans to cater every need of your's. The entire solution being performed on dedicated fiber optic, ethernet or radio, with guaranteed bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Our service delivery vision include:

    • 99% service uptime
    • Round the clock service
    • Quick turnaround time in resolving issues
    • Multiple backbones
    • Direct peering with major search giant


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    Optic Fiber
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    Wireless (WiFi)

    Featured Plans

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    New Connection Enquiry
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